Envision More with Web Design

envisionThe landscape of web design and development has changed and is changing. This reality poses a challenge when deciding to rebuild, reformat or construct a website.  With the multitude of options and the wide range of styles seen in web design today it can be overwhelming to know what direction to go when developing your image on the internet. WordPress is a website management application that has gained widespread use on the internet in recent years. Once a fledgling blogging platform WordPress has now become a fully functional and highly intuitive Content Management System. These reasons among others is why Creekside Web Design in Charleston SC use this platform exclusively. Contact Creekside today to learn how we can make a fresh vision for the web take focus.


Why Creekside?

One of the major factors in web design is understanding how both the client (owner of the website), and the users ( site visitors) will interact with the website. What information will need to be available? What information is unnecessary? Often times a misunderstanding of these factors can lead to an end product either being over or under produced. It’s frustrating for a client to arrive at the end of a project only to discover that they would have done things much differently if given the opportunity. Equally frustrating is an end product that has an excessive amount of functionality that no one will ever use.  Creekside Web Design seeks to gain an in depth understanding of these factors early on to gauge exactly what the client needs are and will not seek to “up-sell” functionality that a client will never use.

Web Design companies often employ teams of people who work on the many aspects that go into creating a new website. This sometimes can cause the process to bog down as so many opinions and ideas are incorporated into the finished product. With Creekside you have the benefit of working with one person who can grasp the overall concept and make it come to life.

By exclusively designing in WordPress it’s often possible to see what the look and feel of a website will be before ever entering into an agreement. Visit the Why WordPress page for more info on how this application is revolutionizing web design.